Communication, Presence & Impact

Programme Overview & Summary

We think deeply about our work, but less so about the ways we communicate, both in writing and through the spoken word.

This is a practical and fast-paced course, working with you on a real piece of communication that you’d like to improve (or prepare). You will have a chance to benchmark your presentation skills against the three qualities most likely to persuade your audience: the shape and style of your con- tent, your body language and your tone.

Style and Approach

Led by an accredited practitioner, the workshop comprises highly practicall learning sessions with a modern approach to learning which is professional and engaging.


A workshop for senior managers.

Programme Structure

2 Days

Preparing for the workshop

None required

Group Size

16 Participants

Programme Topics

Classroom modules

  • Difference between written and verbal communication
  • Making your content relevant
  • Key messaging
  • Benefits, simplicity and style
  • Telling a compelling story
  • Translating the technical into the inspirational
  • How to start and finish a presentation How to access Performance Energy
  • Use of strong body language and tone of voice
  • How to develop a relationship with your audience – appropriate use of humour
  • How to come across as your best self even under great pressure.


At the end of the workshop attendees will be equipped with the tools to:

  • How to have a curious career conversation
  • Understand the two fundamental elements that sit behind all successful communication
  • Develop skills in three areas: Preparation of content, body language, and tone
  • Work on a relevant piece of your own communication
  • Engage more effectively with audiences by ‘translating’ your knowledge into their world
  • Improve your powers of persuasion

How to apply

The Leadership Development Team -
Delegates attend as part of SLP/ RILP or can self-nominate via Oracle.